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Coco Marine Makeup Remover and Cosmic JOJOBA Blast Off Cleanser SET 16oz


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Get our two best selling cleansers, The Coco Marine Mystical Makeup Remover and The Cosmic JOJOBA Blast Off Cleanser.

Available on backorder

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My two best selling cleansers!

The Coco Marine Mystical Makeup Remover is amazing to use at night to take off makeup including mascara! Coconut Water and Marine Extracts create a gentle but effective cleanser with no oils or harsh ingredients! Aloe Vera Gel increases skin softness and soothes the skin while natural sugar ester cleanses the skin gently. Perfect for sensitive skin!

The Cosmic JOJOBA Blast Off Cleanser includes naturally derived alpha and beta hydroxy acids of glycolic, lactic, and salicylic. These natural acids loosen the bond of dead skin cells to accelerate the natural skin renewal process. Use every morning!

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