Vegan Marine Magic Moisturizer – Lemongrass Scent

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Our best-selling vegan, paraben-free Marine Magic Moisturizer.

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Our vegan, paraben-free Marine Magic Moisturizer is perfect for day and night with RED MARINE ALGAE from the Hawaiian Islands, hydrating and firming your skin with amazing plant botanicals. Perfect for all skin types! Made in the USA! LEMONGRASS SCENT! Uplifts your mood and just makes you HAPPY and your skin ECSTATIC! MADE FRESH IN THE USA by my amazing, organic chemist!

6 reviews for Vegan Marine Magic Moisturizer – Lemongrass Scent

  1. Kelly Hannigan RN, ND

    Marine Magic is my medical practice aftercare topical, for faces and chest skin, I use this for healthy healing from laser / PSR3 / PRP treatments. My own daughters used this ( & Jojoba cleanser ) through high school and love the light/ non clogging texture. Everyone comments on how good it smells, for my 79-90 yr old clientelle, it changes the skin, and they are greatful to find something “even better than any other “the MER” products which cost more, with more additives. I prefer this more natural formula. Disclaimer… I say this about all MBYork products, not many products deliver what is promised, but MBYork creations “OVER deliver long term results “ Once my clients use any product, they purchase multiples and try others without regret. Since 2017, this is the only product line I carry and recommend to my patients

  2. lesli Sunshine

    As far as moisturizers for your face, this is by far the best. aside from the vegan ingredients, you can feel it working upon application.
    it feels so light and refreshing and brightens your skin.

  3. Cliff Birnbaum

    Amazing product. Since moving to a dry climate in Arizona, I have now enjoyed a remarkable remedy for aging skin and maintaining skin moisture.
    Thanks MB. This, along with the regiment of skin care products for cleansing has been a great success towards healthy skin.
    You’re the best!!!

  4. Eimear Nestor

    My skin has been so dry and flakey and when I tried this moisturizer my skin just drank it up and it instantly felt so much smoother and my makeup went on so much smoother after using it. Highly recommend

  5. Val Kokoris

    I’ve tried so many moisturizers and keep coming back to this one. This is so plump, creamy, non greasy, and luxurious feeling. Feels healthy and smells great. I use it in the morning and at night. Makes you feel great and love the clean smell! Simple and classic.

  6. Sara Mae Packard

    This is by far the best lotion moisturizer I’ve ever used! The smell is heavenly, it goes on lightweight but the hydration last all day, and I use it as a night cream as well! I try to never run out of this product, it’s a dream.

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