Beauty and the Brush

beauty and the makeup brush

You wouldn’t use a toothbrush on your hair and you couldn’t use a hair brush to paint your home, right? But most women still don’t use the proper brush when applying their makeup.

One of the most important parts of makeup application is using the right tools…especially the right brush. The smallest difference in brush size, shape or stiffness can greatly affect how different products go on and ultimately how you look.

Size Matters

Having done makeup on thousands of women, here’s what I often see: I’ll do a woman’s eye makeup, then draw them an eye and show them exactly what brush type is needed for each step so they can recreate the look at home. But more often than not, women buy the eye shadow but not the right brush, saying they already have the right brushes at home. Then they return, frustrated, saying that when they did their makeup using my eye shadows at home with their brushes, it never looks the same as when I did it. I’ve seen similar problems with shadow liner brushes. If the brush is too fluffy it will not deliver a strong enough line of color. The same with an angle crease brush. If it’s the right size, you can easily put it on the outer third of your eye and bring it around in the perfect place. If it’s not the right size…

Blush or Powder Brush?

Brush choices, and the importance of using the right ones in makeup application, aren’t just limited to your eyes. I know from experience that most of the women I’ve worked with think that a blush brush is a powder brush. However, the bigger the brush, the sheerer the color goes on, which is why powder brushes are so big. If you use a blush brush to apply a bronzer or powder formula of any kind and put it all over your face, you’ll end up with streaks of color and a very caked-on look. The same goes for the application of blush. If your blush brush is the right size and shape, there is little room for error, but if you’re using one of those tiny brushes that are often found inside blush compacts, you’ll have a thick stripe of blush that’s either too high or low, and most likely too bright.

Now, you can avoid these common brushes with disaster with my new Weapons of Mass Seduction Brush Kit. A best seller on TV Shopping Networks, it features 6 different vegan brushes that are the perfect application tools for a variety of makeup applications. The kit also includes simple instructions on how to use each brush. These brushes work seamlessly with my product line including myBeauty Ammo and Paint by Numbers Kits, as well as yours, and the result is simply beautiful makeup application every time.

MB York

Mary Beth York is recognized globally as a makeup artist, spa developer and the creator of her signature line of cosmetics, Beauty Ammo. Her makeup kits have become staples on the sets of shows such as Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, Dancing with the Stars and The E! Network.

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    I love all the products you sent me, but the lip pencil does not work! Three of us tried any number of ways to get it to spiral up, but no luck….

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