The Quest for Easy, Natural Makeup Application

easy natural make up application

In my years as a professional makeup artist, I’ve found that certain beauty blunders transcend generations. Moms can be critical of their teen/young adult daughters’ harsh makeup application, but often Moms don’t know how to help or teach their daughters a better way because they’ve never learned themselves. It is time for your daughter to unplug her phone, tablet and computer and spend some quality time bonding with you over the ritual of applying makeup…correctly.

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The trend today is for young ladies to turn to YouTube beauty video queens who look more like drag queens, and itemize as many as 30 or 40 products to layer on to the tune of hundreds of dollars. It’s time for mothers and daughters to unite in the quest for easy, natural makeup application. With these simple tips, even Dad will approve!

Pro Makeup Tips & Fixes


When it comes to eyeliner, there is a thin (black) line between gorgeous and goth. Black liquid liner can easily look “needily” and harsh. Then there’s the trend of lining inner rims of eyes, which makes eyes look “beady” and dirty.


Using a tiny angle eyeshadow brush and eyeshadow liner upper right along lash line and using a lighter color shadow underneath will soften your look.


This is very much a trend right now and one that mothers hate! Styles like this that makeup artists create for fashion shows may work on the runway, but not in real life.


Mascara should be a formula that stays soft on the lashes. 2 coats of a lighter formula accentuates lashes without looking like a Vegas Showgirl.


Using the wrong color foundation and/or too heavy of coverage is a common problem – for mothers and daughters. Most formulas are too yellow or orange. And many women apply too much and/or don’t blend it in well enough.


If using a liquid foundation, the key is to blend it in with a sponge or brush, not your fingers. Look for a formula with a hint of rose that looks fresher — or have one custom blended. You can also try a tinted moisturizer that is oil-free, with SPF and a light hint of color for natural looking coverage. B. Kamins BB Cream is a great one — particularly for teens and young adults. Its not chalky at all and contains just a hint of shimmer. (Fantastic for the summer!)


This results from using pressed powders with application sponges or cotton pad. Again, colors are usually too yellow or orange. The cakey finish accentuates pimples and breakouts. Not flattering!


Use a BIG powder brush with a pressed powder that has some pink in it. The bigger the brush, the sheerer it goes on. A matte powder is best since shimmery ones will again highlight breakouts.


These strip skin of natural oils and actually causes the skin to produce more oil, and leaves you very surface-dry. Makeup will not blend in over top.


Use a mild face wash — Lavido Purifying Face Cleanser, for example — and an oil-free moisturizer under makeup. Alchimie ForeverDaily Defense Cream SPF 23 and Institut Esthederm Time Technology Cream are light and effective daily moisturizers. Teens often skip this step because they are worried it will make them break out, but the opposite is true. Also, using a scrub daily with salicylic acid will buff and polish the skin, help clear up and prevent breakouts and leave skin smooth for easier blending of foundation or tinted foundation/primer.

For natural eyeshadow shades that work for everyone and anyone and easy to use makeup brushes, check out my easy to use Paint By Numbers Kit.

MB York

Mary Beth York is recognized globally as a makeup artist, spa developer and the creator of her signature line of cosmetics, Beauty Ammo. Her makeup kits have become staples on the sets of shows such as Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, Dancing with the Stars and The E! Network.

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    Many women do not wear a shade of blush that adds youthfulness to their face. Some choose a brown color because they think they are adding definition and contouring, but it ends up looking muddy, dull, and like the makeup is just sitting on your skin. Other women often choose a product that is too soft in color, which can wash you out and age you as well.

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